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Bus 4×4 Conversion of Coaster Motorhome

Bus 4×4 Conversion of Coaster Motorhome

This customer came to Bus 4×4 if we could do the 4×4 conversion on his Coaster Motorhome. This 1999 Coaster has the 1HD-FT engine which is Toyota’s famous 4.2L straight-6 cylinder SOHC turbocharged diesel engine. This bus has front and rear air-bags instead of the spring suspension found on Australian models.


All Bus 4×4 Conversions done on used Coaster buses fall under the guidelines of NHVR (National Heavy Vehicle Regulator) which is Australia’s first national, independent regulator for all heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonnes. Every 4×4 conversion on a used Coaster which comes under the Light Vehicle category (over 4.5 tonnes) needs to be approved through an application submitted to the NHVR by an accredited automotive engineer. The aim of the NHVR is to improve safety and productivity in the heavy vehicle transport industry, minimise the compliance burden and reduce duplication and inconsistencies across state and territory borders.

Since Australian Coasters have spring suspensions, conversions are done by upgrading the springs and shock absorbers. This Coaster however had air-bags both at the front and rear. The customer wanted to retain the air-bag suspension which was the challenge. Through modifications of the Bus 4×4 Kit implemented at both the front and rear, we were able to retain the original suspensions. We also added a colour matched powder coated bull bar with a winch and drop down steps on the passenger door. The completed Bus 4×4 Conversion of Coaster is ready for the customer to #livethedream

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